We take responsibility for using resources efficiently, achieving measurable results and being accountable to supporters, partners and children. 

Our operational policies, procedures and guidelines ensure we uphold the integrity of our work and that we are always working in the best interests of children. Educating the Future guide our employees and volunteers to understand their roles and responsibilities to children and assists them to positively and respectfully engage and empower children and families.

Our Policies are:

Equal Opportunity Policy

The purpose of the following policy is to ensure the recruitment and internal/external stakeholders are not discriminated against and have equal opportunity in all facets of operations.

Read the Equal Opportunity Policy here

Ethical Fundraising Policy

The purpose of this document is to identify Educating The Future’s position on fundraising practice and to document the standards expected in raising funds from the community.

Read the Ethical Fundraising Policy here

Fraud Prevention Policy

The purpose of the following policy is to prevent fraud from internal and external agents dealing with the finances, objects and all items of Educating The Future.

Read the Fraud Prevention Policy here

Whistleblower Policy

The objective of this policy is to encourage reporting of wrongdoing that is of legitimate concern by providing protection for people who make serious wrongdoing disclosures.

Read the Whistleblower Policy here

Anti-terrorism Policy

This policy sets out ETF’s response to the risk of dealing with individuals and organisations associated with terrorism and Australian Government legislation associated with this.

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Child Protection Policy

The CPP has been developed to educate and inform those interacting with Educating the Future of the organisations commitment and mechanisms to ensure a child safe environment.

Read the Child-Protection-Policy here

Risk Management Policy

To fully understand such risks, ETF has established a risk management policy which provides the framework for how risk will be managed within the organisation.

Read the Risk-Management-Policy here

Social Media Policy

Educating the Future seeks to encourage information and link-sharing amongst its membership, staff and volunteers, and seeks to utilise the expertise of its employees and volunteers in generating appropriate social media content.
At the same time, social media posts should be in keeping with the image that Educating the Future wishes to present to the public, and posts made through its social media channels should not damage the organisation’s reputation in any way.
Due to the fast-moving nature of social media and the constant development of new social media programs, it is important that this policy and its procedures be reviewed at regular intervals.

Read the Social-Media-Policy here

Non-development Policy

The purpose of this policy is to guide ETF and our partners to make a clear separation between development and humanitarian and non-development activities.

Read the Non-Development-Policy here

Privacy Policy

This policy provides the information that the Privacy Act 1988 requires ETF to communicate to all of our Donors.

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Complaints Handling Policy