Our Team

Charlotte Griffin

Marketing Team Leader

Charlotte is studying a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering and Arts (Philosophy) at the University of Sydney and joined Educating the Future in January 2019. Charlotte was inspired to join ETF after graduating high school as a senior prefect in the Social Justice Committee at Killara High School and wanted to continue her community service. Since being appointed Marketing Team Leader Charlotte has been awarded Volunteer of the month for improving the consistency and content delivery on all social media platforms. She keeps the team organised and on track for all projects whilst being the committee secretary for marketing. A fun fact about Charlotte is she can speak, read and write Chinese (Mandarin).

Harrison Delaney

Timor-Leste Programs Team Member

Harrison is studying Advanced Science / Social Research and Policy at UNSW. He joined ETF in 2019 and is part of the Programs team. Harrison joined ETF to help people in Timor Leste gain access to education and he also wanted to gain experience in the area of international development and policy-making. As part of the Programs team, Harrison is responsible for creating and updating policies and necessary documents so that operations in Timor can run smoothly. A fun fact about Harrison is that he has a pet bird called Balthazar.

Maddi Alderuccio

Melbourne Team Member

Maddi is currently in her second year of university studying a Bachelor of International Studies (Development). Maddi joined ETF because she was inspired by the youth led organisation and their aspirations to help provide education to children in Timor-Leste. She believes education is key and everyone should have the right to access it, no matter where they are situated geographically. Maddi will start in the HR team to help ensure the wellbeing of team members and then move into the  Programs team to help propose, review, plan and implement programs. A fun fact about Maddi is that she is obsessed with cooking!

Ryan Lewis

Business Development Team Member

Ryan is studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Management and Sociology at the University of Sydney. He joined ETF in July 2019 and is currently part of the Business Development team. Ryan was inspired by Adam and Alexi’s SFS initiative, and joined with the desire to make a positive difference to the quality of life of people in Timor-Leste. As part of the Business Development team, Ryan is responsible for supporting ETF’s strategic initiatives and overall directions. A fun fact about Ryan is that his favorite subject at high school was economics.

Alex Gomez

Design Team Leader

Currently undertaking a Master’s of Design at Swinburne University and having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at Monash University, Alex is passionate about graphic design and illustration. She is excited to lead the Design Team at Educating The Future as she sees this as an excellent opportunity to share her skills and bring life to the organisation through playful, contemporary design. In her spare time, Alex enjoys painting and is an avid movie buff.

Lachlan Colgrave

Melbourne Team Leader

Lachlan is studying a Bachelor of International Studies and Diploma of Languages (French & Indonesian) joining ETF in December 2019 following an exchange program in Yogyakarta with ETF co-founder, Adam Hegedus. Lachlan became a part of ETF after hearing the humbling stories and powerful impact a group of youth could achieve in pursuing equitable education and quality of life in Timor Leste. As a Melbourne Team Leader, Lachlan is keen to engender a passionate team in broadening ETF’s impact. A fun fact about Lachlan is he composed music for the Arts Centre Melbourne and plays piano.

Matthew Dunne

Timor-Leste Programs Team Leader

Matt is currently in his third year at UTS, studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education. After travelling to Timor in 2014 and experiencing Timor-Leste and the disadvantages Timorese people face, Matt was inspired to help make a difference. In 2017 he joined the ETF programs team. Matt’s role in programs often involves planning and implementing programs such as preschool constructions and Timor trips.

Sophia Molinaro-Lawrence

Melbourne Team Member

Sophia joined ETF in 2020 because she believes education is extremely valuable and all children should have the right to access it.. Currently studying International Studies at RMIT, Sophia has developed a passion for international development and aid. She hopes that her work at the ETF in the management team can help other children have the same amazing experiences that her education has given her. A fun fact about Sophia is she is competitive and loves to show it in almost any sport.

Benjamin Gabriel

Fundraising Team Member

Ben joined ETF in September 2019 and is a member of the fundraising team. Ben was inspired to join ETF by co-founders Adam and Alexi’s amazing initiative to make a positive difference to the quality of education in Timor-Leste. As a Member of the fundraising team Ben is involved in the running and organisation of fundraising campaigns, initiatives and events for ETF. Currently working fulltime Ben is committed to continue his work in helping make a positive difference to the quality of education in Timor-Leste. A fun fact about Ben is he loves swimming.

Eliza McGowan

Fundraising Team Member

Eliza currently studies a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney, majoring in Accounting and International business. She joined the Fundraising Team in July 2020 after hearing about the organisation through a friend and was amazed with the aim and development of the initiative, especially considering it is youth led. She is passionate about contributing to universal access to quality education and recognises that location should not hinder ones right to this. Eliza believes that ETF is structured to deliver context appropriate solutions in order to alleviate educational poverty within Timor-Leste and promote major societal progress.

Lachlan Stewart

Technology Team Leader

Lachlan Stewart joined ETF in July 2019 and is currently the Technology Team Leader. Lachlan is studying a Bachelor of Software Engineering at the University of New South Wales and was keen to apply the skills and knowledge that he had gained to help a good cause. As the Technology Team Leader Lachlan is responsible for improving the efficiency of ETF’s internal processes and operations as well as utilising digital platforms and technologies in order to enhance relationships with potential donors and partners. A fun fact about Lachlan is that he can juggle.

Meg Somers

Melbourne Team Member

Meg joined ETF in May 2020 because she was inspired by the amazing youth-led work being done by ETF. Meg has always been passionate about equitable learning opportunities and believes that every child deserves the right to an education. She is currently completing a Bachelor of International Studies (Global Security) at RMIT University in Melbourne and is part of the ETF Melbourne Marketing Team. A fun fact about Meg is that she loves waterskiing!

Tyler von der Heyden

Timor-Leste Programs Team Leader

After travelling to Timor in 2015 and experiencing the disparity between Australia and Timor-Leste, Tyler was inspired to help make a difference to the lives of the Timorese people whose kind-hearted nature and contagious positivity had such an impact on his own life. He joined the ETF team in 2017 as a programs team member, and in early 2019 joined the leadership team. Since joining, Tyler has travelled back to Timor on multiple occasions, each trip expanding his knowledge of the country and reaffirming his drive and passion to give back to the Timorese people. Tyler is studying a Bachelor of Science at Sydney University, majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology, which he hopes to tie in with his ETF work in the future.

Ines Paxton

Timor-Leste Programs Team Member

Ines is currently completing a Bachelor of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, majoring in Classical Voice. She joined the Timor-Leste Programs Team in 2020, after travelling to Timor-Leste in high school. Having learnt about and briefly witnessed Timor-Leste’s culture and socio-economic situation, she hopes to deepen her understanding of the educational needs in Timor-Leste, and how young people in Australia can make a difference. A fun fact about Ines is that she is fluent in Italian.

Grace Harding

Timor-Leste Programs Team Leader

Grace is currently studying a Bachelor of International and Global Studies. majoring in Anthropology, at the University of Sydney. Grace is currently the co-team leader of ETF’s Timor-Leste Programs. She joined ETF at the beginning of 2018 with the desire to use her own education to help close the educational disparities between Australia and Timor-Leste. Whilst working with an amazing team and having the opportunity to visit Timor-Leste, Grace’s passion for the importance of access to high-quality preschool education continues to grow. A fun fact about Grace is that she has two fake teeth.

Laura Stirling

Melbourne Team Leader

Laura is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Law and joined ETF in December 2019, after meeting the founders, Adam and Alessandro, through an exchange program in Indonesia. Laura was inspired by ETFs undeniable impact and its potential to continue empowering disadvantaged youth in Timor-Leste to access quality education. As a Melbourne Team Leader, Laura is excited to help mobilise support from volunteers Australia-wide to broaden ETFs impact. In working with the rest of the Melbourne Team, Laura hopes to help grow ETFs fundraising and volunteer capabilities and make her first visit to Timor-Leste in 2020. A fun fact about Laura is that she can speak German.

Nick Godwin

Marketing Team Member

Nicholas is currently working full-time while awaiting to study a Bachelor of Film at AFTRS and joined ETF in February 2020. Nicholas was intrigued and inspired by the work ETF is doing and he wanted to help boost the influence ETF has via social media and help reach a wider audience. His role is within the marketing team focusing on the management of social media, Instagram and Facebook. A fun fact about Nicholas is that he has had 10 different hair colours.

Liz Nguyen

Fundraising Team Member

Liz is currently studying a bachelor of Global Studies at Monash University, majoring in Indonesian Studies and International Relations. She joined the ETF team in 2020 after going on exchange in Indonesia and meeting the co-founders, Adam and Alexi. She was inspired to join ETF because she believes that quality education should not only be accessible to the privileged, especially when she has been denied opportunity as a result of who she is. She cannot stand by and watch the same thing happen to others. Working with the fundraising and events team, Liz helps implement and organise new fundraising plans to develop new income streams. Liz is a qualified yoga instructor and in her spare time she loves teaching her yoga classes and meeting new people!