High School Partnership Program

In the spirit of being a student-led initiative, Educating The Future has created a high school partnership program to give Australian students the opportunity to fundraise for Australia’s second-closest neighbour and work towards ensuring Timorese children have the same opportunities for education that Australian children do. 

We are hoping that as a charity, Educating The Future can make a big impact in 2022 - and it would be fantastic if we could bring your high school along on that journey!

The Program

The Schools4Schools High School Partnership Program comprises of two workshop sessions with trained Educating The Future volunteers who will help school students to design their own fundraising project to deliver to their broader school community. 

The program is designed to promote key learning outcomes, allowing Australian school students to have a deeper understanding and cultural awareness of Timor-Leste and the educational needs of these communities. 

Students will explore and create fundraising options in small groups under the supervision of a trained Educating The Future volunteer. In these small groups, students will assemble a fundraising plan, and prepare a short ‘pitch’ promoting and explaining their idea and plan. Educating The Future volunteers will then assist the students to appraise and critically evaluate their plan. 

The overall objective is to provide students with ‘real world’ business and fundraising experience, requiring them to use written and verbal communication skills to work collaboratively and effectively to meet a global demand. We hope this program will inspire students to become global citizens and understand the role they can play in changing people's lives. 

In addition to these philanthropic benefits, our program offers volunteering experience that will satisfy the International Baccalaureate Program’s Creative, Activity, Service (CAS) project requirement, or would be able to satisfy a period of Service requirements.

How Your School Can Get Involved

To get involved or find out more about the Schools4Schools High School Partnership program please send an email to with your inquiry.