Join Our Youth Team

Our dynamic youth team continues to thrive and grow our reach expanding across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. They are a powerhouse of our organisation, sharing innovative ideas to the broader team and board before transforming them into a reality. Our volunteers meet fortnightly, present at meetings, have the chance to work across multiple areas of the charity and travel to Timor-Leste to gain hands on experience to directly improve Timor-Leste preschool education. Educating The Future has a physical reach in Sydney and Melbourne, however we are completely remote and encourage anyone from Australia or Timor-Leste to volunteer today.

Our teams:

  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Operations, Policy and Fincance
  • Parnterships
  • People and Culture
  • Technology
  • Timor-Leste Programs

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As team members move through university and into the workforce, the experience and skills they acquire with the charity hold them in great steed for future roles and their career. However, it is their tireless drive for change and enthusiasm that allows our organisation to continue to be ambitious in the work we do and grow our mission. We are looking forward to tackling the challenges that lie ahead and are eager to continue to make a significant difference to the lives of Timorese children and communities through supporting preschool education.