One Student At A Time

Our Solution

Educating The Future (ETF)

Increasing Opportunites & Quality of Life Through Education: Our Delivery Model

1. Enable

We will enable students to access the resources they require to learn, including books, stationary and uniforms.


2. Educate

Through various education programs we hope to improve the performance of students, along with personal satisfaction.

3. Empower

Finally we strive to create independent and self-sufficient global citizens by fostering youth development.

Education is “the most powerful investment we can make in the future” – Ban Ki-moon (former UN Secretary General)

Pre-School Construction

In disadvantaged rural areas of Timor-Leste, providing the cornerstone of knowledge. 

Teacher Training

We equip teachers with the skills, resources and knowledge to provide         a quality education.

Life Empowerment Lessons

Innovative workshops that address the issues that impact education inside the classroom.

Provision of Learning Materials

Resources are the first step to an effective education.


In our local community we run events, fundraising ventures, volunteering programs!


At the heart of our strategic plan is collaboration, in which we share resources to achieve a similar vision.