Our dynamic Youth Team continues to thrive and grow as our reach expands each year! They are the powerhouse of our organisation, enunciating their ideas to committees and the board, before transforming them into a reality. The dedicated team composed of university students and young Australians meet face-to-face, fortnightly in Kensington or the CBD. Not only this, but they also attend and present at Board and Committee meetings, travel to Timor-Leste for first-hand experience volunteering abroad to directly improve Timor-Leste preschool education. Volunteers are expected to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours a week working towards our goals and mission.

As many team members move through university and into the workforce, the experience and skills they have acquired through their education volunteering and exposure to the many constituents of our organisation holds them in great steed for their future roles. However, it is their indefatigable drive for change and buoyant enthusiasm that allows our organisation to be ambitious and grow exponentially each year! We are already excited and looking forward to the prospective challenges that lie ahead for the remainder of 2020, and are eager to continue to make a positive and significant difference to the lives of impoverished Timorese youth through supporting preschool education.

Youth Team Volunteer Application

To discuss your application or if you need more information about ETF, please email or message us at

We are currently processing volunteer applications and will get back to all applicants in the coming months.