Educating The Future & UNICEF are looking to work together in the distribution of learning materials to 128 centres across Timor-Leste, to particularly disadvantaged and rural communities.

Alola Foundation

Alola is one of the major and reputable organisations in Timor-Leste. They aim to work in partnership with Educating The Future to organise the logistics and transport of materials to Timorese students.


Rotary Foundation

Rotary has offered to assist with the physical freight, that Educating The Future offers from Sydney to Dili ports.


Waverley College

Waverley College is a key partner of Educating The Future, being an initiative that started from its roots. Waverley has assisted in the organisation of an end of year event, numerous speeches to students and fundraising events.

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We maintain ongoing communication, a shared vision and measurement standards creating consistency and strengthening our partnerships.

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