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The start of our student not-for-profit

Educating The Future’s history has evolved and morphed through time to finally arrive at a self-sufficient charity operating both domestically and globally. The organisation aims to liberate the potential of disadvantaged youth in developing nations through the beauty of education, to ultimately improve the quality of life. We have endeavoured to increase the quality of education in disadvantaged areas and to improve the number of facilities where needed.

In 2014, both cofounders we selected as part of an inaugural Timor-Leste immersion team that ventured to the young nation in August of that year. Whilst immersed in the local culture, we’re able to witness a uniquely diverse nation, bound by natural and cultural beauty. However, as our stay elapsed we learned the conflicted past of the nation and the shocking educational statistics. This, paired with the monumental disparity between educational standards compared to Australia sparked a desire to help. The immersion allowed us to grasp an understanding of the tangible issues and understand the groundwork that needs to commence before change can occur.  Situated for the duration of our stay in the Ermera District, we inherently drew comparisons to Australia, realising a need for change to increase the quality of life. As such, the Schoolies For Schooling initiative was born.

Intensely fuelled by our experiences on the immersion one year prior, we decided on an independent initiative to raise funds. Through engaging with the local people throughout the immersion, we gained a clearer understanding of what needed to be done in order to have a positive impact.  Set to the background of Australia’s east coast, the SFS initiative involved both co-founders engaged in an earnest voyage elapsing 21 gruelling days. ‘The walk’ as it soon became referred to, tested our physical and mental limits against 758 long kilometres. By the completion date in late November 2015, we’d raised an epic $19,165, almost doubling our prior goal of $10,000!

Educating The Future is our final evolution. Collating the experience and knowledge we’ve learned over the years, paired with the contacts we’ve made, we’re finally able to put our best forward in the achievement of our aims. ETF was founded in February of 2016 and has since expanded with an array of developmental strategies and projects to commence in the latter stages of the year. The improvement of educational standards is something the world is in dire need of, and ETF is dedicated to raising the quality of life through education in developing nations. ETF has sustained an intricate history of immersive experiences and independent initiatives before finalising itself as a self-sufficient charity. We can say confidently that we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, it has showed us what we’re capable of in such short notice and opens a plethora of opportunities for the future. Our history has definitely set our standards but the work we intend on completing within the next few years will define us.


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