Our Work in Australia

Educating The Future presents manifold value to both Australian and Timorese communities. In Australia, ETF provides young volunteers with opportunities to sophisticate their professional development skills, learn invaluable interpersonal skills and practically apply their higher education disciplines. Volunteers in Australia are presented with opportunities to represent ETF in multiple capacities with various degrees of independence and self-motivation. Fundamentally, young Australians are given ample opportunities to volunteer for ETF and join one of the formalised teams that carry-out the operations of ETF’s mission. On a more informal level, volunteers can involve in ETF-run and supported events in tune with their capacities and availabilities. 

ETF’s volunteer base in Australia comprises over 40 young-volunteers supplementing their university degrees with practical application and invaluable experience. The volunteer base is instrumental in ETF’s day-to-day operation and can be credited with contributing to many of ETF’s momentous achievements. The experienced stewardship of ETF provides mentorship and personal development to these young-Australian volunteers who will one day become future leaders and professionals. This organisation provides a fundamental stepping stone for young Australians seeking to develop their skills and contribute to a valued, worthy and effective cause. 

In addition to mentorship, professional development and leadership opportunities, ETF provides its volunteers with opportunities to visit Timor-Leste on frequent immersion trips to develop their worldlines, alongside many other benefits. ETF’s student-run immersion programs provide volunteers with opportunities to develop their understanding of the context within which ETF’s work operates in remote Timor-Leste. All volunteers that have attended these trips can attest to the utility of visiting Timorese communities and further understanding how their work in Australia is directly helping those in need. Witnessing the first-hand impact of ETF in the remote regions of Timor-Leste, is a humbling experience that consistently reinstates the vigour with which volunteers contribute to ETF, whilst simultaneously contributing to maintaining regional partnerships and overseeing preschool constructions.

ETF constantly seeks to sophisticate the experience of Australian volunteers, thus increasing the scope, depth, breadth and impact of volunteers in achieving the organisation’s aims. ETF’s reciprocal benefit for volunteers sees unprecedented opportunities to liaise with industry professionals, engage in corporate practices, and seek personal and professional development. Volunteers are frequently invited to ETF’s professionally chaired board meetings, attended by a multidisciplinary panel of industry professionals. Pathways are offered to sit alongside external experts on various Committees and even seek professional roles such as the Committee secretary. There is regular engagement with corporate and industry mentors, who engage with the entire ETF team frequently. Internal training & development are provided in critical skills such as public speaking, analytics, marketing, event management, stakeholder engagement and business development. Finally, ETF endures an alumni network of over a hundred past young leaders, spread across various industries and professions, brought together by ETF and the same passion for empowering disadvantaged youth through the opportunities education provides.

2017 Gala Dinner raised $17,000

2018 Trivia Night raised $2,500