Life Empowerment Lessons (LEL)

Educating The Future generations of Timorese & Australians through overcoming boundaries that impact gaining an education inside the classroom.


Life Empowerment Lessons are our unique solution to the problem of education. Education exists in a sphere that interacts with a plethora of factors that may not be able to be physically mapped and solved. Through utilising our knowledge and passion for social change, ETF is utilising the potential of partners in particular universities to create and deliver programs to regions across the world. This harnesses the potential of all people on the planet, in particular students. The lessons are planned to consist of a workshop delivered on an annual basis to all levels, and address the key issues permeating within the community. We hope to begin delivering Life Empowerment Lessons by 2018. 

Empowering Opportunities

Our Impact

Each Empowerment Lesson will impact approximately 30 students per workshop. However this goes beyond the two hours we spend with them. They will take the skills back home and through their live to live more freely and make decisions that they fully understand. 


Often the determinants of an individuals life are out of their control, and this is due to a lack of education. By understand the world around them – they can create better decisions, contribute to society more and involve more.

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