Educating the Future’s Build-A-School initiative is one of it’s most exciting yet. Given the Australian community’s immense access to schooling facilities, it is their responsibility to recognise the value in education, and thus strive for equitable global standards. Build-A-School searches for individuals, schools and company groups who are willing to raise funds that enable the youth of Timor-Leste to receive an education. An education that will provide them with the skills that many of us take for granted, and that equip us to achieve our full potential. To build a school, our sponsors will raise funds through their respective audiences, whilst Educating the Future coordinates the construction of the school and guarantees effective use of the sponsor’s funds. Whether it be the individual, school or company that raises the funds, the mission of educational freedom in Timor-Leste will be one step closer.

The Build-A-School team within Educating the Future have formulated the logistics required for agreements between individuals, schools and companies. Upon completion of the schools already in the forecasted pipeline, full implementation of this initiative will take place. We are sure that Build-A-School will increase Educating the Future’s annual output of pre-schools, thus ultimately growing awareness for the mission at hand.