Our Work in Timor Leste

Educating The Future is a youth led charity organisation dedicated to providing quality education infrastructure to underprivileged children in Timor-Leste. The founder’s of Educating the Future, Adam Hegedus and Alessandroi Piovano were inspired to make a difference to the education of children in Timor-Leste after going on a Year 10 immersion trip with their school. This led to them taking on a huge physical challenge walking 757 km from Bondi Beach to Byron Bay raising money for the community in Timor-Leste they had visited 2 years earlier. Inspiring the Australian community, they raised money which led to a preschool being built in the Ermera District of Timor-Leste.

This preschool now has 64 students and 12 graduates. Our aim is simple, we want to provide the educational infrastructure necessary for young students to gain a preschool education. There is a significant need for preschool education as according to UNICEF 40% of the population are aged 0 – 14. More specifically, 23% of Timorese youth repeat grade 1 due to a lack of basic education. As a result, the primary school gross enrolment rate is 126%, whereas, at a preschool level, net enrolment is only 16%. Therefore, Educating the Future has invested in early childhood development to give young children the chance to learn a basic education, as well as providing employment opportunities and a community space. 

Our team is small but mighty. The team of Educating the Future are all volunteers and are primarily university students or recent graduates all striving to help with this cause. You can contribute to our cause to help improve the educational opportunities for children in Timor-Leste and build a better future for them.

Pre-school Construction

Cost AUD to Build a School: $55,000 AUD

Students per School: 120 (aged 3 – 6)

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Want to Help Fund a School?

Our team will organise the land, equipment, and everything else. Let’s change student lives together!

Pencil Case Project

In 2017 our first project within the Provision of Learning Materials program was piloted as the ‘Pencil Case Project.’ We brought 300 pencil cases along with other learning materials to Timor-Leste in July 2017 due to the generosity of our sponsors. These pencil cases were handed out in the Railaco Motahare area and the Ermera district:

140 at a Plan International school in the Ermera District

10 to children living close to Dan’s motel in Samalete 2

66 to children of Railaco Motahare

4 to future teachers of ETF pre-school

80 and all other learning materials left for students attending the Motahare pre-school

Moving forward ETF will look to continue to find ways to provide essential learning materials to Timorese students and communities in need. ETF is currently looking to partner with stationary companies and education institutions, including high schools to continue delivering materials to Timorese preschools.

Ethical Volunteering Program

ETF’s volunteer program is an organised, short- trip to Timor-Leste by members of ETF’s Volunteer Team to assist with the overseeing, planning, implementation and evaluation of benevolent activities funded by ETF. So far there has been 35 participants in 8 visits to Timor-Leste organised by Educating The Future

This in-country ethical volunteering program involves attending meetings with non-governmental organisations, mobilising regional and rural communities, collecting data and providing preschool education resources. These trips also act as an accountability mechanism and allow ETF to ensure progress is made, identify areas for further improvement and ensure funds raised are being administered for their intended purpose.