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“Aims to liberate the potential of disadvantaged youth in developing nations

through the beauty of education, to ultimately improve the

quality of life.” (Mission)

Our Team

We are a student run organisation, with the philosophy of helping other students. Through engaging youth, we are able to better our own generaiton and the ensure intergenerational equality. Our team all have a strong passion for education, both at home and abroad in nation’s such as Timor-Leste. If you are interested in such a career, be sure to contact us.

What areas do you work in?

Timor-Leste, in particular Ermera District & rural NSW.

Can I join your organisation?

We are always up for anyone who is willing, passionate and energetic to provide us a helping hand. At the moment, key areas include fundraising and running local programs and events! Give us a buzz.

How do you fundraise?

Currently we have been running events, gaining online donations and seeking corporate and Government sponsorship. However, we have a financial plan for the new year of 2018.

Get In Touch

For anything – please send us an email.

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